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Emily Dyer Wellness Brand Photographer




I am a wellness brand photographer creating captivating, dreamy and authentic images that tell the story of brands within the wellness space. I am particularly passionate about providing a safe and empowering space to tell the stories of female-led and LGBTQ+ led brands through my photography.

Over a decade ago I fell in love with photography. I've photographed weddings and engagements, taken school photos and children’s portraits. I've photographed botanicals and children’s fashion. No shade on these areas of photography but it just didn’t feel like me. 


That was until I found wellness brand photography, and it felt like coming home. Working with brands in the wellness space. Photographing a yoga instructor barefoot in the forest, or photographing a nourishing product surrounded by a swirl of incense in my studio is exactly where I am meant to be. 

Finally all the pieces of a puzzle I’ve been trying to put together over the last ten years have slotted together. This space feels authentic. There is flow and energy and pure joy and ease. Helping these glorious people to connect with their customers and share their message and offerings feels so valuable. 

E x 

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